Why am I looking at jQuery?  I honestly hadn't known of its existance until about an hour ago, but inquiring minds would like to know what I know of it.  In fact, they would like to see my sample code.  I imagine there is a lot of languages I don't use, but it begs the question on whether or not I could.  It's simple.  After 15 years as a programmer, I think there isn't a language I couldn't learn.

Some quick research reveals that jQuery appears to be an implement that builds on and evolves AJAX.  It would make implementing AJAX an easier task.  Hurray!  When I first looked at AJAX I liked the results, but it seemed like enough amount of coding overhead to make me think twice.  Quite frankly, secure and scalable systems architecture is complicated enough without a tonne more on the presentation layer, but I digress.

I like what jQuery means to the presentation layer.  My research has revealed some interesting stuff about how jQuery UI is coming along, too.  Now if only to think on some example of how to illustrate my recent comprehension.  Until then, I've thrown some sample stuff onto this page...

jQuery UI Effects - Effect demo


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Run Effect


More About jQuery

If you'd like to learn more about jQuery, then I think you'll enjoy jQuery Succinctly by Cody Lindley, one in the series of Syncfusion Succinctly Series publications.